Let's get you started with the platform, the first step is to head over to your email.

Once you're in, you'll see this:

This is the setup for the daily digest, which is an email you're going to be receiving full of prospects that you need to follow-up with, it looks like this:

Once you've gone through setup, here's what your screen will look like:

See those boxes? You can click on them to access the folders. The green button that says "Torch" and "Pro" is where you access all our features. At the top, you'll see four tabs: Scan, Verify/Find, History, and Settings

Scan is where you can complete a scan to find prospects that you need to follow-up with. You can pick a time period of outbound emails, which prospects you want to find based on the number of times you've followed up, and you can ignore prospects you recently reached out to.

Verify/Find is where you can Verify or Find any email address

History is where you can see which prospects have been opening your emails

And in settings, you can change various settings.

Any questions? Reach out to us on our live chat or give one of our agents a call at 1-844-307-4424

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