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Scan Tab

Accessing Torch

To begin your first scan, head over to the big green button within your gmail that says "Torch Scan", click that button to launch your scan settings. Can't find that button?

Prospects that haven't replied within

This is the first option you will be prompted with in Torch. Use this to tell Torch how long you want to wait before a prospect doesn't get back to you before following up. For example, if you set this option to 3 days of your last email on a Friday, it won't mark these people as needed to be followed up with if you emailed them on Thursday, Wednesday, or Tuesday. Otherwise, they can be marked.

Those I have followed up with

This is the option where you decide the max number of follow-ups for a prospect to be shown to you. For example, if you set this option to never, Torch will find prospects that you only sent 1 outreach email to, and never once followed up with. If this option is set to 1 time or less, then Torch will show you everyone you never followed up with, and everyone you sent 1 additional follow-up email to.

Only scan this time period

This is simply a calendar where you decide within what time period you wish to scan. The most you can scan is one month. This makes it easy if you want to scan specific time periods, for example, finding everyone that needs follow-up that you reached out to last week.

Settings Tab

Ignore these companies

Here is where you will insert domains for potential organizations where prospects do not exist. By default, your organization will be on this list. This way, if you are emailing clients already won, or colleagues, Torch will ignore them. To add more, just enter the domain of the company you wish the ignore. For example, if you would like to ignore all Apple emails, you would just write "apple.com" on a new line within the text box.

Organization-wide response match

This is an option that changes Torch to separate prospects by their domain, not each prospect as an individual. When you turn this option on, all prospects within the same company will be treated the same. For example, if we reached out to 5 people at apple.com, and one of them gets back to me, all 5 of these prospects will move to the
"replied" folder and none of them will be marked as need to follow-up.


The number of prospects that you reached out to within your timeframe of choice.


A folder of prospects in which you have followed-up with, or recently emailed, these people won't need any follow-up.

Need Follow-up

A folder of prospects that you have not followed-up with, you should get in touch with these people.


A list of prospects that replied to you your email, auto-replies are excluded from this folder.


A folder of emails you sent that bounced. Keep these out of your CRM to keep things tidy.

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