The Torch Scan is the most vital part of the software. It's flexible, dynamic, and the results are dependant on your input completely.

Scanning can be confusing at first, so let's walk you through it:

Prospects that haven't replied within:

Scanning your email looks for prospects that you sent an outreach to, and haven't followed-up with enough. You first have to tell Torch which prospects you want to find.

Prospects that haven't replied within asks you to fill in how long after an outreach you follow-up. If I set this to 3 days, Torch won't show me prospects that I emailed in the last 3 days as I won't need to follow-up with these people.

You can set this to any number of days you'd like.

Those I have followed up with:

Great, so now we know how many days we want to leave between follow-up, and outreach. Now, let's figure out which prospects to follow-up with.

Those I have followed up with let's you decide which prospects you want to find as determined by the number of outreaches you've sent to them with no response.

For example, if I set this to "Those I have followed up with never" - then Torch will find me prospects that I sent 1 outreach email to, and never sent any follow-up emails.

If I set this to "Those I have followed up with 2 times or less", Torch will find prospects I sent either 1 outreach to, 1 outreach + follow-up, and 1 outreach + 2 follow-ups.

Only scan this time period:

Surely, we don't want to scan all the emails we ever sent, so Torch allows you to pick a time period of outreach to target.

This way, you can target just a certain month, week, or day.

Now, time to try out a scan!

Understanding Your Results


The number of prospects that you reached out to within your timeframe of choice.


A folder of prospects in which you have followed-up with, or recently emailed, these people won't need any follow-up.

Need Follow-up

A folder of prospects that you have not followed-up with, you should get in touch with these people.


A list of prospects that replied to you your email, auto-replies are excluded from this folder.


A folder of emails you sent that bounced. Keep these out of your CRM to keep things tidy.

So that's it! If you have questions connect with us on live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen, we'd love to help!

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