With Torch Find, you can get anyones corporate email address. Like all our features, it is accessed within Gmail.

Step 1: Open the Torch Dialog Box through the Green Torch button in your Gmail. Then, click the 'Verify/Find' tab, then, the 'Find Email' button.

Step 2: Enter the first and last name of the prospect. Then the domain URL of the company they work for (i.e. Apple -> Apple.com)

There you have it, the email of your prospect. Just click 'Compose' to send them an email!

What is Score?

We send a ping to each email to ensure that it is valid, when we receive a definite response, the score will be 90+, these emails will never bounce. A score lower than 90 indicates that while we did find this format on the web, it is not definite but is most likely.

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